Employment Information

General Employment Information

  • Garshey’s contact phone number: 0417 270 090 – NO monitoring of incoming calls between the hours of 05.30 pm to 04.30 am.
  • We are governed by the Western Australian Wine Industry Award (WIN001).
  • Here is a link to the award www.commerce.wa.gov.au
  • Garshey’s has a strict NO Harassment, NO Bullying, NO Offensive behaviour policy.
  • All team members are to be treated with respect.
  • If you cease employment with us voluntarily or involuntarily, you are required to leave the workplace immediately and not return to any of the workplaces without our expressed permission in writing.
  • All team members are employed as: Casual Seasonal Vineyard Workers.
  • Garshey’s will try to give team members consistent work, but because we work in a farming environment and are dependent on the weather; employment conditions can change rapidly and Garshey’s reserves the right to stand down any team member at any time (within Government legislated employee rights).
  • Under the Government Award for proper workplace conditions, an employer needs to give one hours’ notice of termination. We will always try to keep everyone working, but this isn’t always the case as our clients may give more work, or take work away, depending on their individual needs. Any team member who contacts our clients without our permission in writing for whatever reason, will be terminated without exception. If the reason is suspected to be misleading and/or malicious, then the offending team member may face legal proceedings and may find their visa cancelled and themselves deported.
  • Employees have a responsibility to the team and themselves to arrive at work punctual and ready to do a good days work.

PLEASE READ OUR FAQ'S for detailed information about employment with Garshey's.

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