Canopy Management Notes

Notes for Canopy Management

  • The working week is 38.00 hours maximum.
  • There is no allowance for working overtime or on Sunday’s. You will NEVER be asked to work either of these.
  • The Season usually starts on the first week of November and goes to the last week before Christmas for a two week break over the holiday festivities and back on the first Tuesday in the new year.
  • January is generally two to three weeks work, then waiting for harvest to start.
  • Pay day is Tuesday morning two days after the Sunday.

Visa days are signed off as:

  1. Each day worked (no minimum hours in harvest) = one visa day.
  2. If you’ve worked a total of 5 days in a seven-day week, then that is given as = seven visa days.
  3. If less than 5 days worked, (i.e. 04 days in a 7-day week), then only the days worked will be counted towards visa days.

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