Before starting work - Harvest

Notes for Harvest season - picking grapes

Purchase light gloves to pick the grapes (not heavy ones as they get squishy with grape juice) this is important for spiders and other insects in the vines or on the bunches of grapes.

Any team member attending work without gloves is deemed as not wanting to wear them and as such will NOT be covered for insurance if bitten or cut fingers.

Buy all your suitable clothing: hat, long sleeved clothing and pants/shorts and sunscreen.). Shoes should be of the quality to be able to withstand walking on sharp objects that may be on the ground – sometimes old nails from posts dislodge and land on the ground.

Make sure you bring PLENTY of water – summer times can be VERY hot in the vineyard and a MINIMUM of 3 -5 litres would be the average you’ll need. Having said that, we do supply water in the vineyard.

Bring enough food to keep your body healthy and fit. We do highly physical work and you’ll get hungry very fast!


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